Nissan Leaf the best selling highway-capable all-electric car ever

Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf (Leading, Environmentally friendly, Affordable, Family car) is really important car on the market of electric cars. I think this car model really deserves own article on Till today there are almost 100 000 Nissan Leafs sold. This car is such popular that is important advertise of whole market around the world.

Leaf is the first electric car company Nissan, which mass production started on October 22, 2010. Auto presented on August 2, 2009. According to the original plan, Nissan’s production electric cars should be in a few years even reach 200-300 thousand pieces. Initially, the Leaf with a vintage 2011 was only available in Japan and certain states in the U.S. and few countries in Europe.

Nissan Leaf has won two prestigious awards. The model has been declared World Car of the Year in 2011 and also won the competition in the European Car Of The Year, making it the first electric car to receive this award. Time magazine said the car as one of the 50 best inventions of 2009.

In October 2012 Nissan Leaf became the first electric car in top 10 selling car in the country. In October 2013 Nissan Leaf is top 1 selling car. The country is of course Norway when electric cars are really popular. Norwegians are well known as eco friends and electric car are the most popular in the world. Don’t forget that Norway is one of the most rich country in the world. They can afford electric cars.

Nissan Leaf works great as a second car in the family. In particular, it offers a large amount of space in the cabin, so carpool kids to school will not be logistically challenging. Luggage capacity is enough for a lot of shopping, but the further away from the whole family may be too small.

Leaf is equipped with an advanced computer system, communicating all the time with a Nissan. Thanks to this board can display navigation and location radius of charging terminals based on current data. The software is also able to assess whether you are able to get to your destination (given the state of battery charge). In addition, the vehicle owner can program the charging time (eg in the night when electricity is cheaper) and run air conditioning (for example, before you go to work). In addition, the system can tell that the car is already charged – sending a message to a mobile phone. The charge status of the battery can also check online.

In November 2012 in Japan, was presented an improved version of the leaf with vintage 2013. This model has been improved. Obtained, inter alia, greater range. Also used to produce less toxic metals.

There are two major weaknesses of Nissan Leaf – the look and the price. The look is a matter of taste, and sometimes you can get used to it. The price is not low. Driving is almost free. If you need second family vehicle for driving in the city or short trips you can consider Nissan Leaf. Especially when you are eco maniac. Nissan Leaf does not emit carbon dioxide and other dirt in the exhaust gases into the atmosphere. You will take care about environment driving.

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