Kia Soul EV – electric car for everyone?

Kia Soul EV 2014Year after year, electric cars are gaining in popularity. Offer them no longer even some manufacturers like Kia. At this year’s salon in Chicago Kia just unveiled a new electric Soul EV car.

Currently available on the market electric cars definitely are directed to the richest. This situation , however, wants to change the Kia. KIA Soul EV is a model that has represented electric cars with lower-priced, but definitely not quality. Generally speaking, the vehicle has to be environmentally friendly and practical as possible. The design has been made of bio-plastic, and the car itself has used the latest achievements in the field of batteries. In addition to all these eco-goodness there was also a place for technology.

The car is equipped with a 109-horsepower electric motor with torque of 285 Nm and a polymer lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 27 kWh. Fully charge the battery with household outlet takes only 5 hours and allows you to drive 100 miles.

The electrical KIA Soul is equipped in 16 – inch alloy wheels, cruise control, audio system with Bluetooth and GPS navigation. In order to increase efficiency in the car using an advanced system of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (including the world’s first personal ventilation system for the driver), operating in four modes braking system with energy recovery (Regenerative Braking System). Due to the extremely quiet operation, in terms of pedestrian safety Kia EV will be equipped with audible warning system Vess (Virtual Engine Sound System), which will run at speeds below 10 mph, and when reversing.

Price has not been disclosed, but according to sources this does not exceed $ 35,000. As for the electric car – very attractive.

Soul EV will hit U.S. showrooms in the third quarter of this year. Kia Soul EV will be the first Kia’s electric car brand available all over the world.

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  1. For me Kia Soul is not an opponent to Tesla or Nissan Leaf. For sure Kia has much to learn in technology. Maybe they will produce good ev car, but it’s seldom to build good car for tge first time in new technology. I’m going to buy ev next year but know I consider only Tesla or Nissan.

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