Formula E – racing for electric cars

Spark-Renault SRT_01E Formula EElectric cars will have their own racing. The will be like Formula 1 but only for electric cars. Could it be such entertainment as Formula 1? I think it could be even something more!

Formula E Championship will be the racing for cars powered only with electricity. Formula E will be an opportunity not only for sports but also excitement to present the latest technological developments. The Executive Director of Formula E Holdings Alejandro Agag explains that Formula E should achieve three goals. First, is to create exciting and attractive for fans racing series. Secondly, it is to be a test ground for innovation in the supply of electric cars. Thirdly, people have to believe and buy the idea of driving electric cars in the race.

Formula E will begin in September 2014 and will last until June 2015. The series has a target to chase ten teams with two drivers. For now confirmed there are four teams: Drayson Racing, China Racing, Dragon Racing and Andretti Autosport. The last one is the most attractive, because name Andretti means a lot for racings.

Cars will drive in the roads of cities. Selecting tracks in urban centers is not accidental. It is commonly believed that the best environment to drive an electric car is the city.

Calendar Grand Prix Formula E:

China – Beijing – September 20, 2014
Malaysia – Putrajaya – October 18, 2014
China – Hong Kong – November 8, 2014
Uruguay – Punta del Este – 13 December 2014
Argentina – Buenos Aires – January 10, 2015
USA – Los Angeles – February 14, 2015
USA – New York – April 18, 2015
Monaco – Monte Carlo – May 9, 2015
Germany – Berlin – May 30, 2015
United Kingdom – London – June 27, 2015

There are several differences between Formula 1 and Formula E

The first and most important change is the one-day race. The other two new products that play- offs in the fight for pole position, where drivers will be racing in pairs in a format similar to tennis. The pit stops will not change the tires, the driver only change cars.

Just in time for the race drivers will be able to use the support in the form of increased engine power. Thanks to the Push-to-Pass system engine power is increased, which will facilitate overtaking. Using this system will be strictly limited in number and will be able to last for a clearly defined period of time.

In the first season, the teams will drive by car with the same parameters, ie the model Spark-Renault SRT_01E. Body designed Dallara, the drive system delivers McLaren and Williams will make the batteries. An interesting fact is that the car after driving into the pit will come into operation with an artificial sound to avoid accidents. Electric cars are very quiet when going slow, so someone may accidentally come under the wheels, if I people do not look around.

Motor sport (particularly Formula 1) means the smell of oil, the roar of engines, legendary brands like Ferrari and the whole atmosphere that goes with it. Will Formula E be attractive to fans? I can not wait for the first race. I hope that Formula E will not fail me.

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