Mahindra Halo – electric concept from India

Mahindra HaloIn India, the growing appetite for sports cars. The exhibition Auto Expo in New Delphi debuted a small coupe called the Halo of the Mahindra Group.

Preparation of a small car took a branch of Mahindra Reva , which specializes in electric cars. The Indian company will appear this year as one of the ten teams in Formula E, which may be a good opportunity to promote road model. Coupe Halo is at the moment only a prototype with the intention of mass production in the near future. Continue reading

Wireless charging of hybrids and electric cars

Inductive chargingToyota has announced the start of testing in real conditions of the new system allows for wireless charging for electric and hybrid cars.

Producers from one year to develop new technologies designed to make life easier for customers . A revolutionary new solution has to be a wireless charging system developed by Toyota. Toyota has signed a licensing agreement with WiTricity Corp. , a company which is engaged in the transmission of energy through WiFi. The company was founded in 2007 to commercialize a wireless charging technology developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Continue reading

Hydrogen cars – far or near future?

future worldCrude oil reserves in the world are not infinite. Some predict their exhaustion in the next 40-50 years. This type of predictions are only intended to cause an increase in fuel prices, which does not change the fact that once the oil runs out. Work on alternative energy sources has been ongoing for a long time, and one such source is hydrogen – the most common element on the planet. Hydrogen is the fuel that never runs out (96% of matter in the universe is H2), has the highest calorific value of all fuels and more and more the concept of its acquisition. Of course, it also has drawbacks, such as storage problems, the absence of a free state or a very broad limits of ignition. Continue reading